What do Tom’s Shoes, Warby Parker, Zappos, Tesla, Ethos water and charity: water all have in common?

More importantly how (in this crazy marketplace) have they done so well?

Watch the video or read below and I’ll explain…




Brand Architect

“My name is Rob “Robo” Hendrickson.

In an earlier life, I helped some of the best, most well-known corporations in the US sell billions of dollars worth of products using marketing, sales and product strategy. The times were good, but many of those same businesses are now struggling… some are done!

They pretend that business strategy, operations & product positioning is the same it was just a couple of short years ago.

I’m here to tell you that it is not!”

Companies like Tom’s Shoes, Zappos and many, many others are completely changing the dynamic between Company and Customer.

They are adding a ‘humanity’ element into the recipe and it’s working – in sales AND operations.


I know this because I put my money where my mouth is!

I am the owner & architect of my own successful business fueled by purpose,

We completely changed the game in the animal healthcare industry. And in doing so, we also changed our lives – for the better.

And now I’m on a mission to help other business owners & individuals find their purpose as well as build a stronger, more beautiful business.


welcome to business 3.0!

Profits Don’t Matter

In business, Profit is King. But your customers don’t care about your profits. They care about what your products do for them.

And now they care about what you and your products do for the world. They care about you’re mission, your ethics, your values – and with easy access to information, they know.

Your Competition is Tougher

It’s easier to start and run a successful business than ever before. Access to manufacturing, investment capital and customers are a few clicks away. It’s not the 900 pound gorrilla you need to be afraid of, it’s three grads in a basement.

And that new competition is connecting with your most important customer base – the viral, fanatical core.

The Fluffy Stuff has Become the Real Stuff

Want to show your customers you have a good heart? Write a check to a good cause and send it off to a non-profit. But that won’t do.

It won’t work for your customers and it won’t be the purpose fueled business I’m talking about.

Old Sales Tactics Are Exposed

Access to information has created the most well informed customer class in history. With a thumb swipe they know everything about competitive prices, resources and insider information. It’s transparent and public.

The best approach is to own it and make something of it.

Purpose is the Future

Purpose will be the backbone of all valuable, long-term brands in Business 3.0.

  • Turn prospects into customers and customers into fanatics
  • Motivate employees
  • Provide inspiration for products that sell

This Isn’t For You

If I have to convince you that there is value in having a company fueled by purpose, this isn’t for you.

However, If you’ve been financially successful but are still missing something, give me a call because I’ve been there and have discovered something special…




“I can say that Robo’s contribution to our company was the missing link. Before, I woke up to work my business. Now, I rise to build a legacy.” Keith


Preston Huffington


” This is the second company I have worked with Robo on marketing & sales initiatives. There simply is no better.” Preston


replace “what” you are doing with “why” and GROW!

Currently your business’ main PURPOSE is to make money.

However, I can show you that by replacing it with something bigger, more genuine and more meaningful – you will make MORE MONEY.

My SESSIONS, GUIDANCE and BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE will help define, extract and execute a set of programs that will increase performance in your people and sales – all without disrupting your business.

Get started – Share your goals


you should build a purpose driven brand while you’re healthy

My clients are not always broken, most were doing extremely well but wanted to take that momentum and turn it into GREATNESS… Wanted a LEGACY.

Or, they were launching a new product and wanted me to teach their current team how to integrate new methods that can make huge differences.

Now is the time to put the foundation in place to make sure your business or product brands are in it for the long term or have immense value if you decide to sell.


consultants give advice, i teach…

Advice is easy and inactive. It can come from a professor or your mechanic brother-in-law. It can be based on theory and gut instinct. It can work, or not.

Deciding to work with me is deciding to implement a change in your strategy, processes, partners and possibly your people. You will learn, then do, then teach.


I work with you and your executive team to determine your brand direction.


We develop systems of operation and implement goals to ensure success.


Finally, we share it with your customers through operation, marketing & sales execution.


JZ Zimmerman

Happiness Inspirer,

“There is nothing about working for FullBucket that feels like a job. Every task has meaning. What could be mundane any where else, feeds your soul at this company. ” JZ


Scott Plantingan

CEO, Charge! Energy Storage

“Robo’s ideas seemed radical at first but now that we’ve implemented them I cannot see how we would have gone forward wtihout…” Scott


we really can’t afford that much change…

I like the concept but we’re doing pretty good and don’t want to slow our growth. How invasive is your program?

If you’re business is rocking along and everything is working at peak efficiency, adding purpose is VERY easy and you’ll change little in your operations. As you’ll hear me say, you’re already constructing a building (your business), this is adding a purpose to that building (a sanctuary).

We’ve hit a brick wall and don’t have a lot of money. How can we do this?

Actually now is the perfect time. My programs include fixing the machine. I’ve spent 15+ years helping businesses of all sizes fine tune operations and increase sales while building a strong brand. A side benefit to having a purpose driven company is that it allows you to compete on a totally different playing field. Also, you’ll attract better talent, find more open doors and have a much stronger story in the market.

Purpose? But we have a mission statement and goals already…

Every business should have a good mission, vision and set of goals. But are they aligned with a common purpose that exists outside of revenues and profits? Do they provide a benefit to a bigger/higher purpose?

What if it doesn’t work?

Let’s say you see an elderly person who needs help crossing a busy street. You step up and try to assist them. You have a difficult time trying to get the traffic to slow down enough you both can cross. In fact, you have to step back a few times and go down the street to a safer spot. But you eventually get across. The moment you made the decision to help, you changed a dynamic – both for you and the elderly person. The day we made the decision to add our One-for-One program at FullBucket, it started working. By having a clearly defined purpose for our efforts caused us to start pulling together in the same direction and our daily activities and energy thrived.

Is this going to cost a lot up front?

Adding purpose to your endeavour will cost you mostly in time and attention. There has been little to no added costs to the programs I’ve launched thus far. We developed the new goals to dovetail into existing operations and marketing/sales programs.

How does it work exactly?

Each new project has been different but there are 6 basic steps.

  • 1. Discovery session
  • 2. Research, Planning & Partnerships
  • 3. Image/Identity evolution
  • 4. Internalization
  • 5. Externalization
  • 6. Reporting & Adjustments

It all starts with a phone call.


It takes a 30-minute meeting or phone call to determine if my program can help your organization. In many cases, it’s just not the right fit, but you never know until we visit…


the process to get going

We start with my Discovery Session. It’s between 2-4 hours and is a great way to test my level of expertise and what value I could bring to your organization. You will learn a great deal about your company and a variety of things you can immediately implement that will add value to your business. I will learn about your leadership, team, values and market position. This will help me understand if I can add value to your organization with a longer-term relationship.

Marketing & Sales ArchitectureIf we decide to go to the next level of engagement, I require a minimum commitment of 6 months. The first 2 months focus largely on setting up infrastructure and evaluating your leadership, sales, marketing, customers and product mix.

Throughout this period we will work closely together and decide if a longer-term relationship is warranted. It’s quite often that I help build out a team within your structure and keep an ongoing relationship with them for continued guidance and strategy. I don’t like to create dependence as it does not benefit you over the long run. I’ll also teach you how to crawl, walk and then run…


2-Minute Video Lesson

“Every industry has a formula for success and it’s not that hard to figure out. Here I show you how to determine yours.”


it takes a special someone to make a difference

I work with companies of all sizes and stages. But my architecture and brand building is best matched with established businesses who have:

  • Yearly revenue higher than $1 Million
  • Ability to fund the project, (we might find the funds in other areas but a commitment to the plan almost always requires capital.)
  • Open minds – I’ve been known to take leadership outside of their comfort zone.
  • Desire to make a difference.

Get started – Share your goals


fullbucket is making a difference



reasons why you want to work with me

  • I’m also a business owner. Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds (maybe more than a thousand) marketing, sales and advertising professionals. One thing almost ALL of them have in common – they’ve never owned or managed a successful business. I have built and sold three businesses and currently own two consumer products companies in the animal healthcare industry and one video services company. Why do I offer these services? – you might ask. I shouldn’t. But I cannot help myself. I love working on business problems. I have a good management team in place and I get my fix consulting for other businesses.
  • I’ve done this a few times. I’ve helped craft and deliver strategic direction for companies like SONY, BlockBuster, GameStop, XM Sattelite Radio, TXI, Sabre and many others.
  • I’m a marathoner. I realized early on that I am not a good sprinter nor was it the best way to build a business. Get rich quick was always elusive and unfulfilling. I like to construct buildings that will last the ages. I design strong foundations with extremely long value offers. Yes, I do provide short-term programs that can get some cash in the door, but they are almost always developed as a test platform for longer-term goals. I’d rather build brands with strength, than just awareness and make money over long periods than just short.
  • No BS. If I’m not the right guy for your business, I’ll let you know. If we need to pull back on the marketing and sales budgets and redirect elsewhere to be effective, I’ll make the suggestion. I’m not going to jump in and spend money if it doesn’t warrant the spend. I approach problem solving as if this were my own business.


sit and think about that one for a few moments.

Get started – Share your goals

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