My Search for 8 Figures

A few years ago I attended an Internet Marketing event in Florida. I love hanging out with cool, ambitious people and have found events like this are a good fishing spot for old & new friends. This is the rest of the story… Walking the hallways on day-1, scanning the various topics and doing a […]

Focus on Focusing

When we focus our efforts, we broaden our possibilities. “When we have too many top priorities, we essentially have no priorities.” Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. My two partners in FullBucket and I just finished another quarterly strategy meeting here at FullBucket HQ. As always it was enlightening, beneficial and at times […]

Fuel For Your Fire

Often I’m engaged to develop sales programs and assemble sales teams. After we have the main players on the roster and versed in their goals I typically make recommendations for individual improvement through training and self-directed education. One of the tasks is to start a reading club among the team. I provide a kick-off list […]

Now Picture This

I feel the car gliding out of path microseconds before I see it. Time slows. The tires lose their weak, frictional grip on the ice below and begin a slow pirouette at sixty miles an hour. There is no time for fear, or thought or worry. If my instincts and auto responsive muscle reactions cannot […]