FullBucket Videos

As some of you know, Robo took a few years off of Coaching and Consulting to apply his brand architect practices and started his own companies. FullBucket was the first of four businesses that have Purpose as the fuel for growth and strength. Together with two ambitious veterinarians they set out on a mission in 2011 […]

Go Be Bored

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful day. I searched and found my eight and ten year old girls in the bedroom on their electronics. Popping the earphones from an ear receptacle I said… “Time to getcherass outside.” Oh! the whining & sighing that ensued would have made the Kardashians jelly. Moping their way through the house my oldest […]

Visualize This…

As a young athlete I was coached to use visualization techniques to help my performance. Visualization is using the theater of the mind – your imagination – you “see” yourself performing the act. It’s a great way to practice perfection because it shapes the memory functions of the brain with positive repetition. Like in the […]