My Search for 8 Figures


The sign was intriguing.

8-Figure Domination!

How to Build an 8 Figure Business in 10 weeks!


Wow. Wonder what the fuck that means?

I been in business for a while. But never heard reference of “Figure” businesses before this whole Internet Marketing game got popular.

  • Go from 6 to 7 figures.
  • How to scale your 7 figure business to a 10 figure business.
  • Turn that 6 figure frown upside down. 🙁 to 😉


I’ve always looked at my business health in revenues and profits. Is that no longer cool? There’s figures in there. I guess it’s not cool saying:

10 Million Dollars in Top-line Revenue with a 38% Margin Domination!


FullBucket Videos

As some of you know, Robo took a few years off of Coaching and Consulting to apply his brand architect practices and started his own companies. FullBucket was the first of four businesses that have Purpose as the fuel for growth and strength.

Together with two ambitious veterinarians they set out on a mission in 2011 to build the first animal healthcare company that had Giving as it’s core business model.


Go Be Bored

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful day. I searched and found my eight and ten year old girls in the bedroom on their electronics.

Popping the earphones from an ear receptacle I said…

“Time to getcherass outside.”

Oh! the whining & sighing that ensued would have made the Kardashians jelly.

Moping their way through the house my oldest blubbed, “I’m bored!”

Well, well…


David Ogilvy on Direct Response

Lot’s to learn from one of the founders of modern sales and advertising.

I do not believe what he predicted has come true. I think there is still a chasm between the two disciplines and always will be. I am a convert from general advertising to direct response and he does a good job of explaining why.

David Ogilvy: We Sell or Else

Uniformity may be good for sheep, but it’s no good for a personal brand…

Seeing Donna in person for the first time set me back slightly.

I have seen her multiple times on TV but never in person.

She is so petite, almost mousey. Hot enough that if I wasn’t happily married…

She does not look that way as a female news anchor.

Sitting up on the stage platform with a serious and concerned look, enunciating words, nodding her head for emphasis and sounding so smart helps her look much bigger I guess. (more…)

Producers and Consumers

When we eat food, watch tv, wear clothes, live in a home and drive a car we are consuming.

The people who help grow and deliver food, manufacture tvs, design art, produce the shows, sew our clothes, program software, craft homes and build cars are producing.

We all do some producing and some consuming.

And because a good life is about balance, when we do too much of either, it makes us unhappy.

In our work if we aren’t producing anything of importance, it makes us unfulfilled. In our marriages if one is taking more than giving, it makes us angry.

Consuming is easy – it requires little effort and has short-term gratification. Producing can often be difficult and take time.

Creative people naturally have a need to produce more than they consume.

If you feel disenchanted, take inventory of your daily, weekly and yearly activities and determine how much you are consuming versus how much you are producing.

If you see that you are consuming 80%+ of your time, you might have found the reason.

Conversely… maybe you’re producing 95% of the time (workaholic), you might need to take your spouse our for dinner and a movie.

Visualize This…

As a young athlete I was coached to use visualization techniques to help my performance.

Visualization is using the theater of the mind – your imagination – you “see” yourself performing the act.

It’s a great way to practice perfection because it shapes the memory functions of the brain with positive repetition.

Like in the Matrix movies, the brain can be fooled.