Fuel For Your Fire

Often I’m engaged to develop sales programs and assemble sales teams. After we have the main players on the roster and versed in their goals I typically make recommendations for individual improvement through training and self-directed education. One of the tasks is to start a reading club among the team. I provide a kick-off list […]

The Eye of the Tiger!

A good friend has taken on some mighty challenging mountains and crossed raging rivers in his life of 44 years. The raging rivers were adversities caused by bad choices and behavior. I’m glad he overcame these but they were self-inflicted and for the most part unnecessary. The mountains are also self-inflicted but with good intentions. […]

Now Picture This

I feel the car gliding out of path microseconds before I see it. Time slows. The tires lose their weak, frictional grip on the ice below and begin a slow pirouette at sixty miles an hour. There is no time for fear, or thought or worry. If my instincts and auto responsive muscle reactions cannot […]

The Fork in the Road

Every day we come to a multitude of forks in the road and have to make decisions about which way to go. However, making the right choice has less to do with choosing the correct over the incorrect, it has everything to do with getting rid of all the wrong choices first. Choosing a path […]

Giving in the Mountains of Mexico

“When you’re on the right path… the world will conspire on your behalf.” Tlaxcala, Mexico October 2012 –  FullBucket One year ago this month we embarked on a journey together (you and FullBucket, whether you know it or not). We took a perfectly good, growing nutritional supplement company and blew it up. Relaunching in February […]