Get Off The Crazy Internet Train

My friend Tim Francis recently sent an email about placing your phone on airplane mode to get some work done.

It was great advice and one that everyone should do.

However, just recently, I’ve been trying an experiment which is basically the opposite of that.

I’m getting on my phone more often!

That’s right. Off my Computer and the Internet and on my phone and with people.
And, I’ve found some interesting results by turning off my computer.
Some business stuff that’s been stuck, is starting to move.

You see, I love to build, design, create strategy and I end up spending a lot of wasted time hiding on my computer, answering emails and researching (e.g. surfing, facebooks, trolling).

But, a while back I was on a road trip with my father-in-law who is not only a rancher, but a great cattle and horse auctioneer.

All day long, as we drove the countrysides of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana (Yes, it was a haul.) he was on the phone.
Dial, talk, hang-up and dial another.

I got to hear him make deals, call old business associates just to catch up, find out the numbers on current cattle prices, schedule herd visits, find out intel on people, make customers feel wanted and just make business happen.

No email, no texting, no blogs, no facebooks, no Twitter… for shit sake he even refuses to set up the voice mail on his phone nor will he leave a voice mail. He’ll keep calling till you pick up.

Now you have to understand, I’m not going to disclose his personal income. He would kick my ass and then send me packing. That’s just not something you do when you’re from ranch country and I respect that.
But I will tell you that he makes a shit-ton more money than most all of the marketing gurus with their 6 figure, 7 figure and 8 figure BS. More than many of them combined.

And he does it almost single handedly. That’s right. No personal assistant, no staff, no shit. (Well not counting his wife Connie…)

All from a phone and the back of a steering wheel!

I thought, well he’s been doing this a long time and it’s because of his long term relationships.

Guess what, his son, my brother in law, is doing the very same thing, the very same way.

And he is quickly surpassing his Dad.

It’s not luck, it’s giving a shit about the Industry and people you serve, personal relationships and hard-ass work.

And then I read John Paul’s DeJoria’s daily ritual – it’s the exact same system.

Calls, coffee and making deals. He made a Billion dollars this way.

So I thought if these guys can build cranking businesses, with nothing but a damn flip phone, maybe I need to get OFF my computer.

So why the hell am I on here writing this blog?

Well, Lynn likes to ranch, I like to write. It’s what makes us happiest.

And I’m off to give you a call.

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