Go Be Bored

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful day. I searched and found my eight and ten year old girls in the bedroom on their electronics.

Popping the earphones from an ear receptacle I said…

“Time to getcherass outside.”

Oh! the whining & sighing that ensued would have made the Kardashians jelly.

Moping their way through the house my oldest blubbed, “I’m bored!”

Well, well…

That’s when I had a sit down with her.

Honey, it’s OK to be bored. 

Boredom has a bad reputation and I want to set you straight about what the power of boredom can do. In fact, there are many successful people who can only find their inner creative voice when they hit ultimate boredom.

When you’re bored, it means that your brain is not engaged in a batch of activities. It’s coming down off of a multi-tasking high.

Once the wheels stop spinning, the brain takes a breath and the stillness sets in. The brain wants another fix and it tells you you’re bored. It thinks that it is discontented.

This is a magical time – if you see it as such. It’s a time to turn the channel and lay out problems that need solving. It’s a time to self discover, reflect and understand meaning in… things.

Meditation is a most powerful tool that has been used for thousands of years. Quieting the mind allows access to deeper regions and focus our cognitive thought. Boredom can be the doorway to meditation.

Boredom is the removal of anxiety. Boredom is a chance to develop character, create and search for answers without all the distractions.

She was very impressed.

“Whatever Dad.”

And she went out and discovered her day…

Go find some boredom.

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  1. hollis - February 22, 2016 at 3:08 pm Reply

    yes yes love this guy you are a poet!

    I try to be board all day 1 day a week Sunday and it is one of the hardest things I have to do.

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