Message to My Daughters: Producing VS Consuming

When we eat food, watch television, play video games, wear clothes, live in a home and drive a car we are CONSUMING.

When we grow or deliver food, manufacture televisions, create video games, design clothes, program software, build homes or cars; we are PRODUCING.

We all do some Producing and some Consuming.

A good LIFE is about balance.

And when we do too much Producing or Consuming – we find ourselves unfulfilled, removed and unhappy…

In work, if we aren’t producing anything of importance, it makes us unfulfilled.

In marriage if one is taking more than giving, consuming and not producing,  it makes us angry.

Consuming is easy – it requires little effort and produces short-term gratification.

Producing on the other hand, is more difficult and often takes time.

Consuming is a way to unplug. We use it to relax, unwind and just “not think” about shit for awhile. It makes us feel good. But this is a trick.

The short-term gain from consuming pulls us away from adventure, challenge and even danger. It’s a comfort zone, and comfort zones kill productivity. It’s a negative cycle.

True happiness & fulfillment comes from challenge, not chillin’ – it’s science. [link]

Millions of years of evolution has hardwired our bodies and minds to thrive best on challenge.

Think back on your most proud accomplishments that truly filled you with purpose. It won’t be relaxing in front of a game console. If you say otherwise, you’re lying to me and yourself.

Think about character development. Our character is formed by adversity. We learn things best the hard way.

Overcoming horrible adversity built most of our greatest leaders and influencers.

And Producing requires you to get out of your comfort zone, step into the face of fear.

Creative people naturally have a need to produce more than they consume.

But anyone can produce, and should. The barriers for distributing what you make are lower than ever in history.

If you feel disenchanted, take inventory of your daily, weekly and yearly activities and determine how much you are consuming versus how much you are producing.

If you see that you are consuming 80%+ of your time, you might have found the reason.

Conversely… maybe you’re producing 95% of the time (workaholic), you might need to take your spouse our for dinner and a movie.

Go find a Mentor who is Producing material you enjoy, and follow their footsteps.

– Robo

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