Visualize This…

As a young athlete I was coached to use visualization techniques to help my performance.

Visualization is using the theater of the mind – your imagination – you “see” yourself performing the act.

It’s a great way to practice perfection because it shapes the memory functions of the brain with positive repetition.

Like in the Matrix movies, the brain can be fooled.

However envisioning yourself running a touchdown, swimming a perfect lap or nailing every free throw is easier and more interesting than running a meeting, making a perfect decision or nailing the sales presentation.

And these are the daily acts that eventually lead to overall success in career and life.

Yet visualization can be used effectively for these things and believe it or not, it’s more interesting than one might think.

Taking a few minutes each morning to visualize your day, your week and ultimately the pinnacle of your life is an effective motivator.

It also teaches you control, focus and help solve problems before they occur.

With practice visualization becomes easier and clearer.

This morning, I had no idea what I was going to write about, but I visualized myself writing and uploading another thought.

So at this very moment, think about the rest of your week. Especially any big, important events that are going to happen and envision the perfect outcome – start to finish.

And if you have no big, important events, perhaps you should visualize getting one…

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