What’s Your Reason?

Humans don’t run out of gas. They run out of a reason.

A reason to get up early. A reason to try harder. A reason to risk it all. A reason to make it work. A reason to care.

When we run out of a reason we have struggles and nothing seems worth it.

A reason is really purpose put in another word. Purpose is the driving factor of life.

Survival is purpose at the very core. My purpose is to survive and then the pathway winds out from there in all kinds of directions.

As humans, we lose sight of that fact. People give up hope because they can’t see down that trail to the core.

At the last branch of their pathway, they lost sight of their purpose.

They quit. They slow down or, at the worst, take a life.

That’s how strong this is.

Do you have a reason, a purpose that you can clearly see?


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